Although gardens basically are composed of soil, plants, and in some cases, enclosures or something that holds them, gardens come in different types. There are three primary kinds you can begin with knowing first before going to the other types. These three are: raised bed gardens, container gardens, and in-ground gardens. You may have an idea what type you’ll have after seeing and considering your space and your daily way of life. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, but you can always mix and match them according to your needs. For example, you prefer growing flowers on raised gardens and herbs in pots, then why not? But if you are planting vegetables, the best place for them would be raised beds so you’ll weed and harvest them more easily.

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Raised Bed Garden

In the event that you have the space, a raised bed is the most ideal approach to begin a substantial garden, particularly if the soil you have isn’t satisfactory. Raised beds nullify the need to fight bad soil conditions, enabling you to grow them over the ground and control the temperature, consistency, and structure of the soil dirt easily.

Raised bed enclosures are based over your local soil or grass and are typically contained in a vessel, however, some raised beds are just free-shaped hills of soil. You can purchase an instant raised bed, make one from a pack, or construct a DIY raised bed garden tailored to your needs and preferences. Most people choose wood like cedar slats, yet you can likewise make a raised bed out of stones, bricks, etc.

Container Garden

A lot of people, homeowners, and especially those living in apartments who have a small space prefer container gardening for obvious reasons. Contained plants are perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies and the likes. But even so, they can also be an independent garden by themselves or an emphasis in a bigger garden. You can put your plants in pots and other containers.

A stroll down at the local garden store will let you see all the standard pots but also planters made of wood, plastic, clay, and stone. In any case, nowadays, there are a lot of options coming in the market to consider like wine barrels, grow bags, and others. You can also make your own. In case you like, you can recycle and reuse old or unused articles and turn them into containers. You can use coffee or tea tin cans, burlap sacks, tires, watering cans, wooden crates, push carts, even baskets and baskets attached to and an old bicycle which you can plant short flowers on. It will definitely look gorgeous.

In-Ground Garden

Not everyone has the ideal soil that promotes an in-ground garden. Be that as it may, in the event that you feel comfortable using a spade and a rake, you can transform a vacant plot of soil into a sound bed of soil for planting flowers or vegetables and herbs.

You can contact drought tolerant landscape Long Beach professionals if you want to know more about gardening.